Friday, April 15, 2011

'The Woods' in process- part II

So the blouse I was working on yesterday.  I'm loving the belt/cumberband thingy but its all looking a bit, well brown.  Fickle fashion designer - ha!  There is a petrel blue in the print which I'm hoping to bring out more in the accessories. 

I've been toying with the idea of opening some styles up to preorders - that way no one would be disappointed I didn't have their size but they would have to wait 2 weeks for delivery.  Would you be happy to wait if you knew you were getting one of a very limited number of garments - say 10?


  1. I would definately be fine with knowing there was a run of 10 or even 20 garments :) Blouse looks gorgeous xo

  2. I think people would be quite happy with a 2 week wait - that's not long for a limited run, handmade garment! Hope everything is OK with you after the most recent aftershock - I can't even imagine the stress of it all!


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