Friday, May 6, 2011

Coffee and Op-shopping (again)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of :
a. meeting 6 other local bloggers most of whose blogs I've stalked on a casual basis
Nicked with permission from Makeit Giveit
b. had a very good coffee and slice - condensed milk, coconut, white chocolate mmmmmm at the salubrious Addington Coffee Co-op; and to top it all off
c. op shopping with said bloggers afterwards in the new (to me) Creative Junk on Disraeli Street.

I know, I know this is meant to be a craft blog but I just can't help it - the opshop faeries have been awesome to me lately.

I got an adding machine for the Lala to satisfy her need to mash keys and hopefully divert her from doing same to my much loved Remington typewriter


Maps ooooooh maps - I just saw a roll of maps and though 'Score!!!' but on closer inspection they are even better than I anticipating - American forests and rivers - loads of topographical lines and very little in the way of man made features.

  • Some bags and long envelopes - great for the market I'm doing at the end of the month.
  • Suitcase - Also will be part of display at aforementioned market and could possibly be good storage for Lala's dressups as her exuberant tiding riped the paper bag we are using right now.
  • Overlocking thread, and old slide box for storage, random fabric and today a couple of pure wool jumpers for refashioning into scarfs? or softies?  can't decide.
Hurrah for meeting new people - her are the creative dynamos I met yesterday:

Deb - Works in Progress
Miriam - Make it Give it - Let it Shine
Widge - My guide to surviving and enjoying life's mundane
Maddie - Lil Magoolie
Juliet - Tartan Kiwi
Fran - Frangipani


  1. Wow! You scored big time! Loving your finds :)
    And big congrats on the article!!!!! Was so nice to meet you yesterday, looking forward to next time x

  2. Those maps are great! Love all your finds. Looking forward to the next catch-up.

  3. You SO scored. I cannot let my little ones realise you got the adding machine. Not that we have anywhere to put it but you are a creative junk genius on your first visit too!!!!

  4. woah, mega envious of that suitcase! Sounds like the most satisfying op shop mish ever! And yay for bloggy catch ups!

  5. Oh that suitcase looks a real find. cheers Marie

  6. Ooh I love those maps, great find. Love your blog x

  7. Love your finds,especially your maps, but think its fantastic you met up with local bloggers!!

  8. Oh cool - I can now put two faces to the blogs I already follow, and you've introduced me to 3 new ones - yay, off to check them out now - thanks for that! Great op shop finds btw :)


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