Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Creative Space: Deep dark Woods part III

'morning.  While you were sleeping, I was making like the Tailor's Mice and whipping up some more pieces for my range.  The pressure is on now, as I'm travelling to Wellington in two weeks to teach at Handmade 2011 and I want to talk to some potential stockists while I'm there.

Really happy with the cowl draped sleeve and the neckline, but not sure about the tucks?
Wool blend 'wiggle' skirt, top.  Scarfette now in my shop 
The sleeves were hideous once I made them up (I tied them behind the dressform for the photo)!
It's back to the drawing board with those today

I love button through skirts, but I hate the way they can gap at your crotch,
so I'm working out a way to hide a zip  between the pins.
The only thing I'm really wondering about is the caravan fabric on the skirt.  I love it, but I'm not sure its in the right proportion.  I'm thinking I might just lose it - just because you love a think does it make it right?  Perhaps I'll just make the pockets up in the same fabric as the skirt and get some really nice big buttons to trim each pocket and down the front?

Its been 13 weeks since the February 22 earthquake in Christchurch and still I'm working on recreating patterns still in the red zone.  I've had lots of enquiries about whether I can get my machinery and the rest of my patterns and equipment out thank you lovely people, its really nice to know you care - its looking very unlikely I'll see the building again, as it will most probably be demolished before the public can access the area its in.  And that's just the way it is.  Moving on.....

On a happier note - pop on the kettle and prepare to be awed over here


  1. Damn, that wiggle skirt is awesome. The second skirt is more my body type though, I LOVE the idea of buttons down the front...but yeah not 100% sold on the caravans. Love the fabric, but perhaps just not on that skirt...
    Tops look gorgeous too!!

  2. Wow, you're amazing.
    I love the drape of the sleeves and the neckline in photo 1 but think you're right about the tucks. What if you just kept the bottom half of them so there were fewer.
    Adore the skirt in the 2nd photo, esp. the little flap detail. Also love the top, was thinking as I looked at it that it would be very cool with just a little 1/4 sleeve with maybe a little button on it, so it ends up halfway (maybe an insy bit higher) between shoulder and elbow.
    And think the skirt in last photo is fantastic too. I love the caravan fabric. What if you just kept it as the top part of the pocket, i.e. changed the 2 fabrics round on the pocket. But also love the button idea.
    Anyway, hope you didn't mind my very unprofessional opinions. I think all the pieces are fantastic.

  3. Part III! Gosh I'll have to catch up on the weekend as it's no use starting the story in the middle and this looks interesting.
    Are you going to 'lose' the patterns and machinery to the bulldozers *shock*? Oh dear!

  4. I love those gorgeous pockets!

  5. Wow! Loving all your designs. i kinda like the pleats on the cardi, and the pokets on the skit - but I think I would use skirt fabric on the pockets, and save the cut vans for the big buttons :) But hey - I'm not the designer - I'm sure you will make it look amazing!


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