Monday, May 30, 2011

Why I *heart* handmade

I had a great time at the market on the weekend, thanks to a steady stream of families and individuals of all ages - in fact there was a line at the door by 9:50 and I was still selling at 3:20.

But not only that, I met some really lovely people like Gill of Mudbirds, Agnes from Tailkins Design and Lee from Cloud Nine Creative - I just love Christchurch for the plentiful and diverse creative spirit it contains.  Anyway here are some lovely treasures that came home with me:
Little ceramic bowl by Mudbirds
Little houses silver ring by Random Little Things

Notebook by Black Swan Designs (I'm a long time fan of her brooches)

Hair clips - Mummy ones and baby ones by Freedom Creative


  1. Gorgeous finds Nin. Sounds like a great day! Wish I could have been there too! x

  2. Oh I love all of those things! The Christchurch markets always sound great.

  3. Lovely! Some great treasures you found there!

  4. Nice things you brought home :)

  5. Great to hear you were so busy. Love your purchases too :)

  6. Great to hear you enjoyed it and had a successful day. We loved it too. Possibly would have enjoyed it more without the child hurrying me along! I was keen to buy one of your crochet brooches but didn't get to come back. Will they be going in your Felt shop? This comment might come up as anonymous but its Fran (frangipani)

  7. beautiful things you got from the market...but may I ask what market did you go to??


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