Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Space - Urchin Brooches

I'm getting cracking with my brooch swap.  I feel I would love the women - the one I'm giving my brooch to.  If I met her we would have lots to talk about.  We like lots of the same things - colours, crochet, fabric, design style...... so it should be easy right?

Well it should be, but the trouble is everything I think of to do, the recipient can already do (her disciplines are my disciplines, if you follow) - well she could, if she was of a mind.  Stupid I know but I've had a big attack of the 'not-good-enough's.

Has this ever happened to you?  Or is it just me?  Have you ever been overwhelmed by other's talents that your own talent seems to shrink and hide behind the curtain?

Here is where I'm at with it.  The point of this swap is to do something to the best of your ability, with love and heart and being mindful of what your swapper would like.  So that's what I'm going to do. And do it well I shall....and it shall look a little something like the above, but be the deluxe version.

Happy creating - click here for some more creative spaces (if your talent is brave enough to come out from behind the curtain)


  1. Oh I definitely know what you are talking about..But I think these all look absolutely beautiful, and I'm sure whoever your swap partner is, would appreciate the work that has gone into it, and the amazing result too.

  2. haha, I've been having the exact dilemma for the past few weeks. I wrapped up a brooch all ready to send, and then chickened out and made a new one. I don't think its stunning, but I think she'll like it...I'm surprised how nervous I've been about this swap - its supposed to be fun!! x

  3. I have those feelings all the time! I'm always thinking that anyone can do what I do and so many are so much more talented/creative etc. etc. Glad its not just me!
    I definitely like where your brooch inspiration is going and I'm sure whatever you make will be gorgeous!

  4. ahhahh oh yes, i know that feeling well!

    thanks for visiting me over at my place, i'll follow along here so i van kwwp updated!

    xx em

  5. I am exactly the same!! I was so nervous about my swap partner because she's so incredibly talented. Im still not 100 % happy with the two Ive made ...but hope she likes them!!
    The ones in your picture look gorgeous!

  6. I guess I must set very low standards for myself because I am generally pleased with the work I do. I am really just proud that I made the effort and SOMETHING was produced. BUt then, I'm not particularly talented so I'm guessing that deep down I know not to aim for perfection!

    What I'm trying to say is: they look bloody fab to me! x

  7. I am just new to knitting and I feel that everyone is better than me (which they probably are!) I think your brooches are gorgeous! I'm sure the lady you are giving them to will love them!

  8. These are really beautiful. Good job.

  9. Oh yes, many a time have I overwhelmed by other's fabulous talents! But then you get a wonderful comment about your own work and it all slips back into perspective :). Love these brooches - I'm usually drawn to blue but the magenta one just 'pops'!!

  10. The 'I'm not good enough' mentality is what has stopped me from participating in any swaps - I just know that I won't be entirely happy with what I make. That's the trouble with seeing what everyone else can do in blogland - it can feed your insecurities!!


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