Monday, June 20, 2011

Into the light

I have (finally) emerged from 3 weeks of feeling sick!  I've been enjoying not feeling pain or nausea or anything else over the weekend...and not a moment too soon as this weekend was the last before the deadline for my brooch swap.

After plenty of dithering I went back to what I do best
In a nod to my swap partner I changed the material I used and went miniature.
Working in pearl cotton was fiddly but I love the subtle lustre in the finished brooch.

For more brooches, you can check out the flickr stream here or check out two of my favourites - Colette's trio and Megan's bows


  1. Beautiful Nin :)
    Funny, I went with what I do best in the end too! x

  2. That's gorgeous. In a multi-toned pink it would look almost like a real carnation without the wilting problem! Love the artistic way you've photographed it :).


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