Friday, June 10, 2011

Just look at what came in the mail

I do love 'real' mail, don't you?
This little parcel is all the way from Australia - the brooch swap squeeeeee

Ta-daa !
Sorry for the very wobbly photo - I've lost whatever photographic mojo I erstwhile possessed it seems.  For a better look - check out Christina's tutorial on Flower Press

And the best thing....

The little cut out sewing machine on the back - its so sweet.  
I love things that have a secret facet to them, just for the wearer.  Thank you so much Christina, your such a clever women!!


  1. wahoooo! it's gorgeous! so glad you got it! x

  2. lucky you, I saw that one on Flickr and thought it was beautiful with that little sewing machine on the back. It's beautiful and she is very clever.

  3. Oh you're so lucky. You got a beautiful brooch from Christina, enjoy your lovely new pressie. xo

  4. aaargh! you've got your brooch!!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. What a perfect secret to keep!
    I totally didnt hear about this swap until it was well underway but now im wishing I kept my ear to the pulse a bit better! Next time, next time. There will be another wont here?


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