Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Handmade Wellington adventure

I had the most humbling, inspiring, awesome, amazing weekend at Handmade 2011 in Wellington.  Despite being hopped up on cold medications the entire time; I was determined not to let this dampen my enthusiasm and I made an effort to be 'present' for my students and meet as many crafting geniuses as I could. 
Wellington waterfront - just along from Te Papa
There were moments of glorious weather - the sun sparkling off a harbour flat as a millpond (and there were moments of driving rain - but I decided not to ruin the effect with a picture of that).  

Taking time out from being 'Mum' for three days made my noggin go into creative overdrive and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Wellington waterfront influences in my Spring/Summer range.  I messaged my Huz before boarding the plane on the way up that the silence in my head was amazing....don't get me wrong I'm blessed with my girl, but for the first time in 2.5 years there was no kids?  Well, you get the picture.

So!  Back to the weekend - I enjoy teaching small classes in a fantastic venue; good food/wine and chat with fellow Cantabrians Katy, Bridget, Lucy and Rose with their respective 'Felt' hats on, also new acquaintances Frances, Melissa, Belinda, Heleen, and Ingrid.  
Peggy Squares produced in the knit lounge over the course of the weekend,
decorating the pillars at the front of Te Papa
 I think my one regret was teaching too many workshops so that I didn't have time to attend some for myself.  Also, next year I'm taking the whole family - Te Papa is Shangri La to a toddler - so much to do and see and a fair proportion of it is touchable, I think Huz and Lala will have no trouble entertaining themselves while I do my creative thing.
Catherine presented me with this very thoughtfully selected  care package -
overflowing with prettiness and I love every last thing in it.
Bless you dear Catherine....anyone would think you actually read my blog!

And as if that wasn’t enough, I wound up the weekend with a catchup with fellow blogger Catherine and her brand new wee boy; and a visit to Nancy’s embroidery shop to drool over her delectable range of yarn and fabric.  

Nancy’s is now selling copies of my Russian doll doorstop pattern (also available at Stitch in Christchurch online here).

Look what I arrived home to – at the end of the day it was fantastic to go spread my wings, be a part of this event, to have something for me; but coming home to hugs and chocolate cake was the best.  


  1. That's awesome, glad you had a good time! :)

  2. Oh I'm so jealous - what a fabulous time and you did so much! I'm definately attending 2012 ;)


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