Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's still good

Today I know part of the reason why we're still here.  It was just about the best day of the season, warmish for winter - bright and crisp and dry.

We spent the morning at the Opawa St Martins Farmer's market which began after the quakes as the local supermarket has been torn down.
Generally the mood was buoyant and friendly.  Lots of conversations and catch-ups going on, upbeat stall holders and deliciousness everywhere you looked.  I guess I'm not the only person who immediately feels uplifted by a few rays of sunshine...And there is something so satisfying about buying direct from the artisan who made your goodies, don't you think?

Once home, we made sandwiches with the morning's shopping and headed down the park at the end of the street to have a shared picnic lunch with the neighbours (oh and give Buzzy Bee a bit of a run - apparently he needed the exercise).
No boring earthquake talk (but a bit of health debate about the whole immunisation issue)....just the people we live next to, sharing bread, laugher and sunshine.

Yup, lovin my life today.  Tell me - what makes your community special?  Why ties you to your locality?

In case you're wondering, yes the sewing/toiling/adjusting patterns continues.  One of my fit models is coming over for lunch tomorrow, so I hope to document the try-on session and share with you.

Hope all is well in your world.
Notchka x


  1. Ahhh the immunisation LOL always bound to bring out the 'best' in people!
    I live in the middle of 'anti immunisation' Auckland .. .. .

    Today has been FABULOUS we've spent every moment outside, treasure hunts, trampoline bounces, bike rides, mud play, leaf rubbing - generally just soaking up the sun!

    Markets look fabulous . .. . .. . .. is the street get together something that has always happened or post earthquake?
    We often meet up at our park (bottom of our street) and have bonfire night and bbq's down there and the mothers share a bottle of wine or two.

    Something SPECIAL is coming your way! Contact the lovely Miriam xxx

  2. Love, love markets I SO agree about buying direct from the maker. If you're short a body and you need one like mine I'm happy to be a model for you - I had a very promising modelling career when I was about 7...!!!

  3. Farmers markets are the best - we have a brilliant one in Hawkes Bay in Hastings and a smaller version in Napier. You can't get people more passionate about their wares that those that make them huh?


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