Monday, July 4, 2011

The market that was

It was so nice to see some of you on Saturday (honestly, I think about 6 people read my blog - so I get taken aback when someone comes up who knows me through blogland) .

I had a great day, (cold toes- 'but you get that in the big jobs') and I think I might just be getting more practised and less stressed at the whole packing/unpacking thing. Yeah - kidding :).  The best, best, best bit of my day was early on when I was mildly freaking out I hadn't left myself enough time to set up...there appears the lovely Miriam all bright smile and willing hands and helped me unpack and fiddle with the display.  Bless you girl, you rock!!
Happy customer Erin, in my bow top (some are still available on  Felt)
Fenella and I were stall buddies - I do miss working with her
at the shop and so many regulars came by, it was just like old times.
The Wardrobe's offerings

I was good and didn't spend too much (I always buy something because what goes around comes around)....just a little something to make my Mum smile and I couldn't resist snapping up some RoseinThorns goodies at 50% for the present cupboard.

Jessica of Feltgood and her helper, Kate
It was especially good to met Jessica Malony of Feltgood, one of the newer members of New Zealand Handmade - a fabulous online network of talented kiwis with a diverse range of crafting disciplines.
Clara the Cloud wheatbags
I did mention I was trying to be good and not spend all my profits, but I was so taken with these little sweeties, I had to email Jess later and claim them.  Yes both of them.  She is attending more markets in the near future if you want to take a look at her work up close.  As for me, I'm hanging up the market apron for a few months and focusing on teaching classes and making for a new retail outlet to open in Sumner early August.  I'm dying to spill all the details, but I'll wait until closer to the time.

Hope all is well in your world


  1. Your stall looks fantastic Nin! Well done! xx

  2. I popped in with Mum, if that T-shirt had fit her she would have bought it; I spent nothing which I was proud of. Went home and got some sewing done though! I now have 3 new woollen t's which I'm glad of with this morning's frost. Might put the shawl back on too.
    I enjoyed the market, it was good fun, and nice to see you again too.

  3. So cool, great set up, nice to see Jessica, cheers Marie

  4. Was great to have another market ... and to see so many crafty stall holders I had never met before. They're everywhere you know ... those crafty folk ;)

  5. Looks like you had a great time. I love seeing others market photos dont you? x

  6. It was lovely to see you. I'm glad I was a help and not a hindrance!!!

  7. Great photos, and it looks like you had lots of fun! Julie.

  8. Great pics and I love your stall display - the ladder in particular looks fab with the different heights - a real visual treat. I'm pleased it was a good market.


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