Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Creative Space Jewel Brights

Its cold and miserable and overcast here in Christchurch, but I'm invigorated by chartreuse yarn against my turquoise dress.  The simplest of pleasures.

After last weekend I'm happy to be hanging up the marketing apron to focus on other things.  My crochet hat pattern has been through a strenuous vetting process (i.e. my Aunties have had a go and reported back) so that I hope to make it available in my shop early next week.  Meantime, I busy today, finishing off a couple of custom overs I picked up over the weekend....

and the rest will find their way onto Felt later on today.
Yup - its a pic-i-nic basket full Boo boo :)

I must say (and I'm not being paid to say this) that I am loving Naturally yarns - I've used Aspire (70% NZ wool 30% angora) and Loyal (100% machine washable merino) on most of 'em.  Not only is it made in NZ from NZ yarn (how I love to shop local), its beautiful and soft and suitable for tiny babies and sensitive skin; and a percentage of their profits are donated to the Child Cancer Foundation - warm fuzzies all 'round!

Hope all is well in your world.  Go check out some more creative spaces here


  1. I've just brought the most GORGEOUS pair of red boots and feel the need to have a red hat to match - popping over to your felt store now

  2. They look very stylish. Wish I suited beanies and hats.Liking your hat stand too.

  3. I am having a knitting day today too :-) and incidentally I am knitting with Naturally yarn too, lol.

    Hats look great, perfect for this cold weather.

  4. Love the photo with the hat on the stand, what beautiful styling!

  5. I love a hat and these are great! Love the detail!


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