Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank you

Just a quick post to thank some very special people, one of  whom I've never met but who took the time to create a quilt and a hat for my lucky daughter Lala.  What you couldn't have known is how much I adore 1930's reproduction prints and how I had a 'Sunbonnet Sue' quilt as a child (sadly lost), made for me by my Grandmother.

So perfectly perfect and truly my daughter was delighted with her 'pretty pretty blanket'  and her hat - she wore it for the rest of the day and to Kindy today.

Kaite, Cat and Miriam - I am humbled by your kindness, there is nothing to say but Thank you


  1. hi Notchka, i've got tears in my eyes now. Little Lala looks truly gorgeous in her new hat and i'm so happy that the sunbonnet quilt means so much to you. Thankyou for letting me know.

  2. I hardly deserve any thanks I got warm chocolate chip cookies just for being the delivery man!!! And how cute does Lala look in that hat? ADORABLE!

  3. Hugs n Kisses from Auckland xxx
    I'm so happy to know another wee Cantabrian child will be smothered in quilt love tonight xxx

  4. Beautiful.There are some amazing, kind people in this world. She looks so happy.

  5. What a beautiful quilt, and a great pose in the hat!

  6. That is such a lovely quilt & it has gone to a lovely home.


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