Friday, July 8, 2011

Whose afraid of puddles?

I'm going to have a bit of a parental rant today.  I don't rant too much as a rule, but I really want to know - why are parents so scared of mud puddles?

My wee girl spied an irresistible looking muddy puddle on the walk back to the car.  I knew Lala was going to make a beeline for it and frankly if I had my gummies on I would have joined her.  A few people chuckled, some smiled and I suppose some were disapproving, but I didn't notice I was enthralled with my daughter have a good time.

Then a couple came past with their two kids.  They didn't stop but the guy said to me "You're one brave Mum".  Huh?  I said "We have a washing machine and home is right around the corner..."  he clarified over his shoulder "I would never let my kids do that".  Honestly my immediate thought was "Sucks to be you're kids" but I'm still thinking about it.

Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with mud?  I won't judge - I just think 'Am I missing something important here?"  What is so scary about a little squishing around in your gummies?  Maybe its just me but there is always an old towel and a couple of plastic bags in the boot of the car.  Worst happens you strip them down, wrap them in a towel and turn up the heating - right?

Seriously stumped.


  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of mud I say! x

  2. No, sorry, I can't solve this one - I'm a puddle jump supporter too :)

  3. Hear Hear! I'm with you on this one. So many times my friends say things like "Oh you won't let him play with playdough any more after you find it mashed into your carpet" or "you do painting with a 16 month old - are you crazy?!?". Nope, not crazy at all.... just trying to give my son as many experiences as I can and if he gets a bit dirty in the process, who cares! I'd much rather have a stain in my carpet from playdough than have a kid that sits glued to the tv all day and misses out on these experiences.

    Great post!
    Bok Bok B'Gerk

  4. I hear you! I posted yesterday about my son jumping in puddles, what's wrong with just changing their clothes if they get wet/muddy. I often get comments similar to the one you had when I let my kids get dirty (really they are just having fun and being kids!!). It makes me quite mad.

  5. LOL, I'm on a farm so my kids run around barefoot in winter sometimes amongst all sorts of 'interesting' mud!! They hardly ever visit the doctor as they have immunity to all sorts of bacteria. I've put the bucket of soapy water outside the door and an old towel so they can wash their feet (and hands) if needed. Dirt comes out in the wash so what is the problem with some people?

  6. I grew up on a farm, so gumboots were standard issue – along with puddles! My two cents worth is, let kids be kids.

  7. The walking school bus is A LOT slower on the way home on rainy days! All the kids walk home in the gutters splashing the water and it's FUN FUN FUN seriously whats a bit of mud when we have washing machines .. .. ..

  8. Holly always makes a bee line for puddles, she has gone home many a time with wet feet, lol.

  9. Yep, some of my happiest memories are of splashing round in puddles! Although, I have to say that I can kinda understand when my mum didn't want us in the house when we had been popping tar bubbles on the road on the way home from school! Lots of fun though.

  10. My poilcy is if gumboots are on you can go for it. Not so keen on the shoes getting soaked mainly because we have so few pairs and they are such a pain to get dry. I would feel like my kids were missing out if I saw other people letting theirs have a go.


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