Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heads up - a giveaway

I just wanted to show you the last piece I finished for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  It actually got finished on Friday.

Here's how Tinkerbelle's dress ended up - I used my winter pinafore pattern and made alterations like adding gathers and flare to the sides, plus changed around the top to have ties instead of buttons directly on the fabric - risky but it worked out great.

Bright float dress for Tinker (my friend's girl)

There will be more, perhaps I'll take the time to make new paper patterns in several sizes and do one or two for Lala's summer wardrobe.

I had a market today - a tough crowd (boo!), cold wet feet and lots of interest but not a lot of sales.  Still you get that in the big jobs.  I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow, a bit of baking and a bit of visiting my Gran.

On a completely different topic (yeah I know I eluded to it in the blog title and then made you read all the way down here!!) ...Would you love the chance to win some handmade summer skincare essentials....of course you would - go here and I dare you not to get distracted by the fabulous crafty creations.  And if thats not enough I'm having a little giveaway of my own this space


  1. What a pretty little dress - I have a tinkerbelle fan who is currently watching the movie as I type ::))

  2. Tee Hee, Thanks hun! That dress is beautiful! ....was just stalking your profile lol, and noticed you 'design fabric'? Am writing from memory so I think thats what I read!!! Butyou know what I mean, any how...have you seen the printed fabric swap on 'one girl' blog? theres a link on mine if you're keen. I've never printed fabric before so I'm a bit excitied! xxx

  3. What a terrific dress and when there's 'between' weather a t-shirt or skivvy can be worn underneath! Adore the colours :).


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