Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KCWC round up

Denim and drill ruffle skirt
This might be construed as cheating since I didn't finish this in the official KCWC week, but I'm super happy with this everyday skirt in stretch denim and cotton drill.  This is another piece for my friend's girl Tinker.
   Applique detail - Denim and drill ruffle skirt
The little apple appliqué was picked up at Spotlight when they were having a good sale recently.  Pattern is not my own - you can follow the free tutorial here.

So the week is over and my score is:
Items for Lala 1
Items for Belle 2
Items for shop 11

Poor Lala (well not really, as we have come in to a whole bunch of hand-me-downs and most of last summers dresses still fit, so her wardrobe is full to bursting)....

Right, off to read stories and put my wee one down for her nap so I can sneak in a couple of hours at the sewing machine for Sailor Spy custom orders.


  1. You've been busy, Nin! Good on you :-)

  2. Pretty skirt and you've reminded me I have some patch appliques somewhere that I purchased on sale :).


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