Monday, October 10, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge

kcwc button for fall 2011 (blue)

'morning to you.
I am determined to get some sewing done this week for my wee one - are you joining in?  There's a flickr group and everything!

This is Bella-bean.  Her mama is artistic in an entirely different direction (i.e. the opposite direction to the sewing machine) and so I have promised to get some gears together for her summer wardrobe too.

 I have been super organised and got together a pile of fabrics for this week's sewing challenge and pooled my patterns ('cos I make patterns don't you know), some vintage patterns from my Mum circa 1960's - 1980's and I even got out a Burda book from the library for a knit top and a sun hat which look like they have potential, but I'm going to have to tutū* as you do.

So I have a loose list of things to get together:
  • Pretty sun dresses and matching hats
  • Hoodie dresses for Lala and Bella
  • Merino knit tops with elbow patches
  • Ruffle skirts
  • Ruffle bum shorts with side ties
  • Pinnafore dresses
and a friend up North has a gift shop and has asked me to make some simple, bright, pretty skirts and some baby tees, so I shall try and squeeze that into the mix.  And maybe a tutorial.  Maybe.  I can see this list spinning out of control already, especially considering I have a market to make for next weekend too.

Time to oil up the sewing machine and put the kettle on I think.

*For any readers outside NZ - Maori slang for 'meddle'


  1. Oh I look forward to seeing the results!

  2. ohhhhh I look forward to watching your makes xxx

  3. Lol, was a little side tracked with previous post due to the title. Love the Maori term for 'meddle', is it pronounced as spelt - like a ballerina skirt? I've been meaning to make some clothes for my 2 youngest grandchildren so I'm going to check out the KCWC. I have suitcases of clothing fabrics (thanks Mum!).


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