Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Day three of the challenge and I finally have something mildly exciting to show you.  So far, I've managed to sort out making my own labels, using this tutorial and the assistance of the lovely Juliet and cut and (nearly) make up four of these.

OK - so my wee twirly skirts haven't exactly gone according to plan...a bunch of little annoying things like not being able to find the right thread.  But I've sorted it all out now and there are three more of these to finish off tonight and more to cut, now that I have the pattern down pat.

Its my pattern and I plan to post a tutorial on this (maybe next week if I run out of time this week, but soon)


Stoked with the wee labels - thank you Juliet!


  1. Oh that is totally adorable!!! and love the labels!!!

  2. Can't wait for the tutorial!
    Love the labels they turned out really well. Glad I could help :-)

  3. They are absolutely beautiful-and where did you get that divine fabric? OMG if you put up tutorial I might have to have a go at my very first piece of childrens clothing x

  4. Super cute - and the label looks great :)


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