Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lately...on the sticks

Lately...on the sticks

Makes me smile....the irony of knitting wood (Bamboo) on wood (Tasmania Oak)*

Love using up stash - so satisfying to see it going to good use.

And speaking of stash - the pinafore dress I was working on was finished a week or so ago.  This is a perfect layer for now, but shorter than I imagined. There was some talk from me of doing a crazy stripey arrangement on the front and I started...then I chickened out - it just wasn't progressing the way I thought it would.

Merino Apron Dress/tunic
This is knitted from the hem up, so my next thought was I'll see if I can knit a little higher than the waist and then maybe start adding in some narrow, three row stripes in charcoal - but as it turned out I still have yarn left over.  Really happy that its red all over and that I finally got the chance to use these wooden buttons - I've had them so long I can't remember where they came from.  Hooray for using stash! 

oversized button detail

* Yarn - Blue multi - Down to Earth, gifted to my stash by Fenella, Oatmeal edging - Moda, from Spotlight, left over form this project
Oak needles - Art Viva from Stitch

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