Monday, October 3, 2011

Long Lost Blog

Hi there, its been too long since I've written long in fact, I'm almost left wondering what to write about. To me - its like an awkward moment when you run into someone you've been meaning to call for some time and inexplicably haven't.

Not that life hasn't been busy - its just where to start?

I may as well begin with a couple of projects finished over the weekend which stalled in the midst of winter - missing in action under piles of newer ideas and found when I went hunting for one of my visual diaries (which is still missing - Miss Lala is the chief suspect).

Dress is half-lined in fabric to match the buttons.
Lucky for me, the dress is on the roomy side (its wool flannel) and will be great for next year.


The gingham elephant (Ellie-Bellie) was picked up at a Waihi op-shop last year with just one ear, only partially attached.  I have a feeling my compassionate daughter will be bringing home all manner of creatures in varying states of demise as she grows up - she made it very clear she was not leaving the store without new ears for her and tassels and a bit of blocking for G-ma's scarf.

I love that Mum makes us stuff but she has a habit of running out of patience for the item before its finished and sending it to me to finish up. Love the yarn though eh?


  1. That little dress is absolutely darling, not to mention the little girl in it! Gorgeous!

  2. Welcome back! Love Lala'a dress, such a great colour on her.

  3. I know the long lost blog feeling - its been so long on mine that I am totally at a loss where to start too!
    Your little girl is growing up - she looks gorgeous in her new dress!


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