Monday, October 10, 2011

Pee-pee la Boggeur*

So I only have one child - I'm a novice at the art of toilet training.  You could say I've let  my little one guide the way.  We've had the potty and the picture books on toileting for months (which are demanded as part of the bedtime routine), but between frigid winter weather, earthquakes and relaunching my label I've never suggested that 'this is what we should do now'.
This was us out with Dad and his Coastguard crew on the weekend.
It has nothing to do with toileting, but  is prettier to look at than a picture of a potty.
Recently we've started getting the odd comment from 'well meaning' types who ask her "Are you still wearing a nappy?"  then a couple of weeks ago in the midst of the chaos leading up to my pop up shop Lala decided that it was time and she used her potty.  All day.  Easy.

After that first perfect day where I was left wondering "What just happened?" it has been touch and go, culminating in today's effort - a big wee on the carpet at my local fabric store  **blush**

I'll admit the temptation to run for the exit was strong.  However my girl- ever the exhibitionist not only did her business in plan view she alerted the media at the top of her little voice.  "I did a weeeeeee - heeeheee Ya I did it!!"

Has this happened to you?  Do you have shops you are now too embarrassed to enter because of a similar incident?  Do you just give up and pop on a nappy for an outing?

Seriously - I don't want her to think that she's failed by insisting she goes back to the nappy, but I could use some advice on all things wee'lated (see what I did there?).

*Wondering about the blog title?  Lala's new made up name reflects her fascination for all things toilety.  Apparently I'm called 'Poo-poo A-Lama' and Dad is 'Daddy la Supera' (but I suspect he had some influence on that title)


  1. yes - I had it happen to me at Playgroup with Philosopher and had 'well meaning mothers' give me the death stare - I mean seriously at Playgroup!

    Tsuanmi was no problems what so ever to toilet train she just did it!! !! WOW EASY after the headache that was Philosopher . . .

    Some parents carry potties with them where ever they go??

    Good luck and have fun xxx

  2. We've had a wee in a fabric shop too - I just fess up and do my best to clean up, apologise profusely and be glad it wasn't you that did it!!! When I worked in a pharmacy I had to clean people's vomit off the floor - yuck I'd rather a toddler wee any day!

  3. My first child practically potty trained herself but #2 was opposite gender and didn't get the hang of things (sorry for the pun) until about 2 1/2 yrs. #3, also female, was almost as easy as #1 so I figured boys just don't have the muscles developed in the 'right' place like girls - who later bear children. #2 was heartily praised when the procedure ran to order and given an "accidents happen" comment when they didn't. All 3 were taken to the toilet last thing before an outing and before any meals, whether they thought they had to go or not as sometimes little bodies don't tell brains and some internal communication training can save embarrassments for all.
    It's definitely easier potty training in the warm months and practice selective deafness with the 'well meaning' types as every child works to their own timetable, even when we assist :).

  4. LOL! That is funny. Nothing has happened quite like that to me (....yet!) but I was in a panic today at a friends house as Luke sat on their v. expensive sofa. I must have asked him 20 times does he need to wee! Poor kid could not have enjoyed the tv show while his mumma was around!
    I have had my fair share of wee & poo accidents at home, my all time favourite in a scurry to get dinner on the table for 12 guests, barefoot, cold tile floor kitchen, Matthew saying "mummy.. (in this I turn around and step into the warm mound on the floor - thank goodness keeping my balance) .... I did a poo!" Fabulous, poo in between my toes! Really? Yes really. What every mother wants to experience!


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