Friday, October 14, 2011

Smashed it!

The pattern for the twirly baby skirt I mean.  Lala's is the sweet strawberry fabric given to me by this lovely lady, second from the right....but do you thing she would model it for me yesterday.  She is definitely of an age where modelling is either awesome fun or complete meltdown material!

Yesterday I got all these finished (bar a final press and check over for stray threads).  I took heaps of photos of the process, so I'll be busy next week writing you up a tutorial.

Last night I got busy cutting out for today's effort - its still a work in progress, but a pretty dress and an everyday skirt for my friends wee girl.
For the dress I've used my winter pinafore pattern, but added gathers and flare at the side seams.  I've also changed the top around a bit to have ties instead of buttons and I've left the pockets off (just because patch pockets on a big floaty dress can get caught on things like kitchen cupboard knobs and tear....yup - been there, done that).

Also on the way to being finished today is an everyday wash and wear ruffle skirt using Tanya Wheelan's tutorial
So hopefully more photos today, if my little model is up to it after a busy day at Kindy.  


  1. love the fabrics and the skirts - just gorgeous!!

  2. Oh cute - i love that happy line of skirts hanging.

  3. Beautiful skirts!!! Love the fabrics, especially the pink polka dot.

  4. Wow you have been the skirts.

  5. Hi there,
    just a word to say how much I liked the sweer skirts and apple gren dress !!! and because I am on the other side of the world, I thought I would stop by and have a cup of tea with you !!
    From here to you !!!!

  6. Just beautiful! Great job and awesome pattern!


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