Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Speed Craft

Sometimes you need to do something quick and satisfying to break the monotony of long term projects.

These scratch that itch.


And thinking of kidlets - have you noticed the new button?  

The biannual Kids Clothing Week Challenge is a go-go next week.  I have a nice wee pile of fabrics and some of my original patterns I'm itching to tinker with.  I was speaking to the owner of a gift store up north (my old stomping ground) who have lost there local children's wear designer.  Keli asked me if I would like to make up some skirts and dress for her, so the timing couldn't be better really.

You can sign up for the challenge here or just go stalk Elsie's blog.  She's really good at tutorials and photos (sigh)....


  1. hi Nin - nice craft, quick can be good. I just put an applique flower on the back of a jacket that our little dude's little sister will inherit & it was nice not 2 make something from scratch 4 a change : )


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