Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twirly Skirt Pattern and Tutorial


So I mentioned in the midst of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge a wee while ago that I would publish a tutorial for my baby skirt and at long last here it is.  This pattern is cut and finished so the waistband is flat at the front and while there is heaps of twirly in the skirt, it has shape.  Yes, you could take a tube of fabric and gather it up (aka a dirndl skirt) and slap some elastic on the top but it won't look at neat and professional - there will be excess fabric in places where there shouldn't be.

I'm thinking this is a good beginner to intermediate sewer project - its all straight line sewing, and introduces gathering and possibly a different way of putting on a waistband (which looks really neat and professional on the inside as well as outside) and a really great way of finishing off a hem.  This could be done in a day - so great as a last minute present.

A note on the size - I have done this in three sizes.  3-6months, 6-12 months and size 1 (12-18 months).  That being said my daughter is pictured in the size 1 skirt and she is a couple of months shy of three!  She is around 87cm tall (quite little for her age).  The waistband is 44cm unstretched and would comfortably fit up to 52cm in the waist.  If you can it would be good to measure the recipients waist or compare the measurements against a garment that fits her well.

Waistband measures unstretched for 3-6 months is approximately 36cm - stretches to 44cm
Waistband measures unstretched for 6-12 months is approximately 40cm - stretches to 48cm  
Lala's Twirly skirt

I would love to know how you got on - all your feedback goes into improving the tutorials - so if you get stuck, or anything seems unclear you could leave me a comment or write me an email notchka at gmail dot com

Feel free to use this for yourself and your friends.  Its not for commercial use (i.e. if you are making clothing for the markets or shops online or bricks and mortar - please don't use this and pass it off as your own original design) and please link back here.  Thank you


  1. thanks for sharing - going to send this link off to my sister who is learning to sew - she moans that Mum and I aren't 'teaching' her but I learnt the hard way using trial and error so she can do the same :P hehe

  2. Looks so cute!! I love the new header too. Very cool

  3. Keen to have a go at this : ) Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  4. Right... I need to find a girl to sew for, and more importantly - to find my sewing machine! What fabulous instructions - you're very generous to share Nin :)

  5. I found this on Pinterest and made one today! I took a picture, but I'm not sure how to put it on here! Thanks for a great tutorial! I do have a question, I want to make one for my Neices. I would need it to be a 3T and an 8! Any idea how to enlarge the pattern?!


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)