Thursday, November 24, 2011

My creative space

My dining room table is piled high today - with this market on the weekend I'm whipping up some more bags and coin/make-up purses and (for the first time) peg aprons.  I'm a little sceptical anyone would want to buy a peg apron when I give the tutorial away for free, but it was pointed out to me by a student not so long ago that some people don't have the time and just want to buy the thing!  I have no idea what to change for it though - what do you think is a good price for a peg apron?

I was given a good two yards of this vintage 1930's cotton.  I suppose its a bit loud, but I love the primary colours so much one of the peg aprons will be my market will be hard to miss me.  If you make it along on Saturday - come say Hi!

The 'recover the nag' project from last week* is coming along slooooowly and if you missed it - I posted on one of my secret Santa gifts here.

Oodles of creative spaces can be found here - go make a cuppa and happy browsing!

*Its all packed away while I do market stuff and I'm too lazy to get it out to photograph, but its uber-cool - progress shots to come


  1. Nice colours in the peg apron and there's many people who just don't sew and are quite happy to pay for a handmade item. Half aprons start at around $8 in the supermarkets 'across the ditch' but they are only single fabric thickness with no pockets and even though they are kitchen aprons they would be lucky to protect your clothes from a few drops of water.
    Have a fun profitable time at the market :). Lol, don't spend all your gains!

  2. I like the bright colours! Everyone needs a peg bag, So I think they will sell well! I have no idea on pricing though!

  3. What's the bets that you sell a few to other stall holders who see you wearing yours and want one too!?

  4. I love that fabric. Hope the market goes really well x


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