Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, Lovin'

I'm loving

  • That on our trips to the park these days its less about the play equipment and more about the imagination - we could be birds flying high in the sky (with the aid of a leaf in each hand enthusiastically flapped) or pirates searching for treasure (pine cones and blossom).

  • My generous friend and all round fun loving girl Micky who made Friday magic

  • Tax Returns (really?) well its not fun, but empowering all the same to know where you are with the finances.

  • The sense of nostalgia visiting the A&P show brings.  Hot chips smothered in sauce, carnival games and warm fuzzies for the part of my childhood spent on a sheep station near Raetihi (Manawhatu).  

Paisley Jade and friends post weekly gratefulness here.

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  1. Loving your list... and nothing like hot chips smothered in sauce!


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)