Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tings I'm a'lovin

Lala: "Mum, why are you so sad?"
Me "I'm just tired darling"

Lala "Oh" - trots off to the garden and comes back with this:
"I picked you a whoooooole bunch of flowers"


Hard week this week, but all the more reason to be grateful for Lala and grateful for that rarity in our family - a weekend when me and Huz are both home and have no commitments but to our family.

Its so nice to do 'stuff' together.  Even mundane stuff like holding a garage sale and a trip to the dump. And man was Lala unreasonable excited about a trip to the dump - the seagulls, the diggers, the chucking stuff into a big hole, the icecream on the way home - magic - all of it.

Lovin' also a real sense of community amongst the neighbours at the school fair on Sunday.

And that pure joy radiating from Lala's being in return for a modest investment in some face painting and pony rides (x 2)

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  1. **hugs** honey - I wish I was there to put my arms around you xxx
    Darling little girl
    and gorgeous face paint

  2. Bless her, she is a sweet little girl.

  3. Lala's such a sweetie! It was a bunch, even if it was a miniature one so that makes it even cuter :).
    Lol, about the dump trip. When she's older she may want a dump scrounger's licence so she can try to find 'treasures' there to recycle!

  4. I'm here when you need me :-)
    Love Lala! So full of energy, imagination and compassion. She is a real credit to you!

  5. Oh so cute! Hope you are feeling ok soon!


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