Monday, December 5, 2011

My creative space: Pride before the Fall

I was trundling along last weekend feeling exceeding pleased with myself at how on top of things I was - yes lots to do, but deadlines being hit and tasks being knocked off as quick as look at you....when really I should have been pondering the phrase pride before the fall (benefit of hindsight eh?)

I got crook.  

I think I have flu - which is just classic me - just days before my Husband's work do* and my last market of the year and I crash and burn.  

Still I am determined to let the Christmas spirit shine on in our house with this garland.  One was my gift to Marie for the New Zealand Handmade Christmas ornament swap.

I really love how this one turned out - perhaps its my most favourite project this year.  Especially cool is this kind of embroidery - no following charts or endless colour changes.  Big, bold and a little wobbliness adds to the character.  It comes from Scandinavian Needlecraft if you're interested - fab book and I'm totally in love with the white/blue/green traditional colour scheme in many of the projects.


The girl and me have been card making too...on the days when Mummy was too sick to venture outside or play forts or run really fast around the coffee table, just for the joy of running.



Load and loads of creative cool here

*thats dinner.  In a real restaurant.  With waiters and such. 


  1. Oh no! You poor thing! Hope you're feeling better. LOVE LOVE LOVE your birds.

  2. Love your cards, is it just me or is it getting rare to receive christmas cards? I used to get so many but they get less each year. They look great and so much more special being hand made.

  3. Love the bunting ....The blue makes a nice change from traditional Christmas colours.

  4. Love, love that garland - you don't have to sell me on green and blue!! Dinner in a real restaurant - whoop!!! I always love your crafty makings! Not sure I'm on top of ANYTHING!


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