Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chat and Bikkies

Are you searching for Wardrobe Wednesday?  Its over here on my fashion blog.

I've had a lovely morning with Kirsty of Sew Pretty.  She came over to interview me for her blog and take pictures of my workspace (gah - mad tidying and vacuming up threads this am).  I had such a good time, chatting, laughing and eating warm chocolate bikkies!!

Thank you Kirsty for your thoughtful gifts, and so beautifully wrapped!  If you have ever bought anything from her you'll appreciate how warm and friendly she is and how her attention to detail really shows with everything she does.  
Still warm and slightly gooey on the inside ummmmmmm

And some fat quarters she knows I had my eye on before Christmas for Cat's Modern Sampler Bee.  The pale blue and pink one is perfect for a certain person's quilt block.

The Bee is a wee project I've been doing in my spare time [insert maniacal laughter right here].  I have yet to replace our yucky duvet cover with a nice quilt, despite all the fabric I have bought for that purpose. (cringe)

Part of my problem with the non-quilt is I can't seem to decide on a block, so doing a bee is a chance for me to get going and make our bedroom all pretty.

The idea is to do one block each for six people using their colour choices in my fabrics - this is what I've pulled from my stash for that purpose.

The first trial block - I love it for my ultra contemporary colour combo, so I'm keeping it to incorporate in my quilt, but feel its probably not trying hard enough for everyone else, so....
I did some strip piecing and did an hourglass block from that, which was OK, but I decided I could do better - something a little more contemporary, so I've unpicked it and halved the pieces - now I'm thinking along the lines of this

Do you have any favourite contemporary blocks to suggest? I want to end up with 9 for my quilt - so that gives me a chance to sample 4 and then I'll receive 5 from everyone else.  I've decided to stop looking on line - the trouble with too much choice is, well, too much choice!  Still - all suggestions gratefully received :)


  1. I am using the Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt book - shows you how to make each block. Some of the blocks are awesome! I do love the modern log cabin design using many fabrics. Loving your trial block!

  2. Thanks Nin, what fun we had this morning, lots of pictures to edit and I can't wait to write it all up and share it! Thanks for letting us in on whats up at your house!


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