Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is you life set on 45 or 78rpm

The holidays are nearly over.
The Grandparents return to Scotland this afternoon.
Lala started preschool today.....  Time to dip my toe into the New Year.

Resolutions?  Nah - my wish is to retain the 45rpm setting on daily life for as long as possible.  Use my diary to keep busy-ness in check and use it to write down what I did achieve at the end of the day as a process of celebration and reflection, not just record what I want to achieve for the next day [and feel bummed out that not all the little boxes got a tick.]

Pin Real LIfe
(if I've lost you go read Dee's take on this - she writes so eloquently)

Speaking of achievements, I promised you a look at some of the holiday projects I finished during The Big Wet recently:



You can find the tutorial here

I used some frames I found in my stash which were a lot thinner than the ones in the tutorial, so I chose to use fine 2 ply baby yarn and once steamed and blocked they look quite good.  Lala wants a picture of a horse in one and a rabbit in the other, but to be honest they will probably sit on the wall as is for a wee while  before I get 'round to that.  

See the dangly bits on the red frame - I stuffed up with my counting.  Twice.  In the end I made some chains and I'm on the hunt for a good crochet heart tutorial - I think it will look quite sweet with little hearts sort of referencing the pink heart shaped one.

Hope all is well in your world.

Oh p.s. - don't forget we are Wardrobe Wednesday-ing over at Sailor Spy tomorrow.  Might see you there.


  1. your crochet is simply gorgeous - i hope one day to have that skill

  2. I like the idea of writing your daily achievements down, I think I might have to adapt that one into my life style too. xx


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