Monday, January 16, 2012

Lala land

Its not often Lala's room is super tidy and presentable, but I did a little spring clean in there today so I thought I would share some of my favourite corners.
I bought the print from Milou (where I sell Sailor Spy).  Its a limited edition print by a London artist (I shall have to find out her name) each is super whimsical and sweet - think bunting and hot air balloons.

The sleepy mascot was another of the projects I finished between Christmas and New Year.
The 'what she wore' installation is a work in progress.....
I still have 1 element to add, but meantime its lovely to have a reminder of just how tiny she was.  I made the button through skirt and the frame was a $10 score at a local market. 


  1. Beautiful. I also have a print by that same artist (and also can't remember her name! lol), they are quite haunting, in a nice way. I love the idea of the framed baby clothes, how special.

  2. Lucky Lala, what a great room! The frame is such a great idea and looks great. Love your sleepy mascot, beautifully done.


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