Thursday, January 26, 2012

My creative space: Irons in the fire

I'm the sort of person who likes to have a few things on the go at any one time.

Are you like that or does it drive you crazy having more than one or two projects on the go?  If you anything like me, you get to a saturation point - and I think I have reached that.  I need to finish some stuff before I bring forth more projects rolling around in my head, and there are always those.

By day I'm sewing more Brief Encounter dresses.  All the pink are ready for pressing, navy on the machine today.

By evening I'm:
tinkering with blocks for the Modern Block Bee (still no hard and fast decisions on that one).

working on another tutorial for my Scrap Bag Swap - February is going to be awash with tutorials I tell you.

and recovering my sofa in the yummiest fabric, although it was a remnant, so when I say 'recover' I mean just squabs and when I say squabs....well there might be alternate fabrics on the back and grey piping.

My husband and I have had disagreements over the state of the sofa.  They are good quality ones handed down from my aunty.  They have great proportions and are super comfy but desperately in need of reupholstering. The cost to do two sofas professionally, with good quality fabric is more than a new suite from the likes of Freedom, with crappy foam and hideous polyester covers.

I think buying inferior quality new is a waste of this is my interim measure and Huz seems happy enough with colours (yah!).

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  1. Hi! Just found you through our creative space. Love the idea of the scrap swap, so just signed up:) Thanks for organizing! Cyndy

  2. ooohhhhhh squeal I hope you stick with the hexies for the Modern Sampler Bee
    Yes I have TOO many projects on the go - however - Mr Bee gave his life in the hope I would learn to slow down (well he left me with no choice actually)

  3. My goodness, please please please do a tutorial for you new sofa covers!! I HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM!!! I love our couch. Its huuge and comfy, but the seats are getting riped up and it looks so shabby now :(

  4. Looks very inspiring at your place


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