Thursday, January 5, 2012

The trouble with expectations

We had booked a bach for a few days in Golden Bay just after Christmas.  In case you haven't been there, this is one of the most pristine, untouched and awe inspiring environments in New Zealand.

After this year's stress and a week leading up to Christmas which read like the plot line in a South American soap opera I grabbed on to this hope that I would be wadding through clear water and sun filled days.  If I can just make it through Boxing Day I said to myself.  Expectations.

And then we got there.  Oh the irony!!

All year I've had to explaining to my beach loving three year old that we can't swim at our beaches because there are poo-poos in the sea.  I raved to her about what fun we would have at the beach.  She and Dad went for a paddle, but stormy seas had stirred up the pollution and bought it all back onshore.  Expectations.  So there was some of this:

and I managed to finish all three magazines and every single craft project I took with me (first time ever! - will post the results separately).  And I got to laugh at myself - me who usually packs a raincoat, sensible shoes and woollens which never make it out of the suitcase decided to travel light this time.  Expectations.

And on our final evening our 'looking on the bright side' was rewarded with this
a clamber over cockle beds and interesting discoveries as darkness closed in

And just one more photo - the most intriguing painter's studio perched in a cleft in the rocks and looking out to sea - what bliss it must be to work here


  1. There's an equation for happiness that goes: Happiness = success *over* expectation. With movies, books etc, I coined the "hype to flop" ratio a few years ago. It's amazing how our expectations of what will happen distort the reality of what did sometimes!

  2. yup - expectations they can be such a killer but what is life without some joy and hope?

  3. Sorry it wasn't great weather, goodness knows you guys deserved a good break. Sorry I didn't get to see you when we where up... next time!

  4. I have the most gorgeous beaches and adjoining areas about an hour and a half from me, sometimes with frolicking dolphins nearby in the water, and I don't visit! After reading this I think I should show some more appreciation for where I live and what is available....and take my camera so I can share :D.

  5. Gutted for you that your holiday didn't live up to expectations. We'll just have to work extra hard making fun and exciting times to enjoy here in Christchurch. Bloggers picnic in the park anyone?

  6. That sunset photo is stunning! Just the sort of thing I love to paint :)


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