Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February's resolve

What in the world is this?

You'll see (it has something to do with the Scrap Bag Swap I'm organising).

I know last month I made a resolution (only the one) to try and live life s-l-o-w-l-y to retain that holiday feeling for as long as possible.  Yup, thats all gone by the wayside now.  

The next three months are looking packed with exciting stuff - family stuff, bloggy stuff and business stuff......I find myself at the sharp end of the 'just say no' wedge. I'm one of these people who finds 'no' so hard to say, without feeling as though I have to provide excuses. Maybe you're the same.  How do you say no without feeling bad?

At the end of last year I purchased this all singing, all dancing diary (nope no flash smart phone in my handbag, mores the pity) as part of my resolution to reduce the pressure and stress from taking on too much.  I think this diary is puka.  Turns out I'm actually doing more nice life balancing things (like painting my toenails and reading for pleasure).  I suppose I should be laughing or crying [at myself] that I need a diary to make this stuff happen, but it does make it easy with a column in each day for personal, family/community/church; and business.  

One of the suggestions in the front of the diary was to spend some time at the end of the day noting down all the stuff I did that wasn't on the 'official' to do list as well as planning for the next day.  Once I see it all written down - all the unglamorous Mummy stuff along with the planned stuff, I've realised how hard I can be on myself because I can never seem to conquer my daily task list.

Although January hasn't been as s-l-o-w as I might have wished for, and that holiday feeling is but a memory there has been way more of a balance between personal pleasures, family commitments and business plans.  It's helped me realise how busy I've become before it all turns pear shaped (you can read that as up till 3am several nights in a row finishing stuff).... so I guess my resolve for February is to work out how to be OK about 'no' (oh and not to stay up till 3am finishing stuff).  How are your resolutions going?


  1. My resolutions are opposite to yours as I need to start up at the markets again. I'm a bit gobsmacked at the public liability insurance though and many little markets can't offer a blanket insurance like they used to.

  2. Yep I hear you honey = only 2 weeks home from the most amazing camping trip where with lots of rest and relaxation I found myself and already I'm tired grumpy and cranky and staying up too late

  3. Did you read that article in the most recent issue of 'Good' magazine about cultivating the art of slow? It is awesome! ... It most definately is an 'art' isn't it? Jenny :)


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