Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Tutorial: Pyramid Bags

I was at a Roz's the other day doing a little friendly arm-twisting over a guest quilt tutorial and it turns out she was hiding all sorts of interesting  craftiness. 

Stemming from the need to keep one's top draw in order these delectable little storage pyramids are perfect for a collection of all sorts of little things.  I fancy doing a really big one as a hide-away for Lala's sizeable soft toy collection (note - I have never bought Lala a softie, I have made a few, but nevertheless they appear to be breeding!!)

These are really quick and easy to make.  I have a few to store my 'small' items of clothing.  They dovetail easily within a drawer.   Think children's fabrics too for storing all their teeny bits and pieces!

Cut two rectangles of fabric 8 inches by 16 inches.  
You can vary the size - the trick is to have the length twice the width 

Place right sides together and stitch quarter inch seam along both short ends
Turn right side out and iron these short edges - these form the opening to the bag

Fold in half  by placing the two seamed edges right sides together 
Stitch a quarter inch seam along one of the raw edges  (right hand side of the photo)

Take opening edges and re-position them to the halfway point of the un-stitched raw edge

Pin and stitch along the edge with a quarter inch seam

Neaten edges with zigzag

Turn right side out and hand-stitch a loop in top corner 

Add embellishments of your choosing


  1. These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  2. I love these, I saw some like this at a fair once, the had a zipper down the middle and stored all their sewing notions. Brilliant xx


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