Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hexagon Pincushion - A tutorial

Hello lovely readers! My name is Hannah, and I'm going to show you how to make one of these lovely little pin cushions. 

This pincushion is made using the traditional hexagon piecing method.
You will need:
-          14 Hexagon templates. (You can buy sturdy cardboard ones for a reasonable price at your local craft store, or you can print your own, I made my on Microsoft word. Just be extra careful that they are all the same!)
-          Fabric scraps to fit your templates.
-          Thread
-          Needle
-          Fabric glue

Size- I haven’t used a particular size, but would recommend using a hexagon the measures and inch across. (I could only buy the templates in inches.)

1.       Pin templates onto fabric. Cut fabric 1cm – 1/2cm out from template.
2.       Using needle and thread, fold edges of fabric over the template and baste down, OR using fabric glue, stick the edges down. I find the glue much quicker and easier to handle, but beware of heavy duties glue and go for a more light weight craft option
3.       Sew Hexagons into two rosettes. 

4.       Lining hexagons up like the below picture, fold over (right sides facing) and stitch the sides together.

1.       This bits is the tricky bit, and was so hard to capture on picture!  You should now be able to manipulate the two rosettes so that you are sewing up along the edge, with one sides points fitting into the others non-pointy bits and so on. Sew all the way around leaving the last two sides open.
2.       Iron. You can remove the templates if you have used cardboard ones, although I have left my paper in.
3.       Turn out right side and iron again

1.       Stuff with wadding- toy stuffing, old pillow inner, or even more scraps!
2.       Using whipstitch, close together the opening.
3.       Carefully squish and roll the cushion in your hands to get it to settle in its shape.
4.       Enjoy your Pincushion!

There is definitively something special about an item that has been completely stitched by hand. 
Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, any questions or constructive criticism, leave a comment and I will get back to you so as possible! 
And also a giant thank you to Nin, for organizing this lovely swap and also for having me on her fabulous blog!

Hannah xo


  1. This is going straight onto my to make list! Love it thanks!

  2. Great tutorial Hannah! I'm going to have to give this a try one of these days.


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