Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ideas for Scraps: Speed Bunting

I'm feeling so much better, thank you dear readers that asked.

I spent some of the weekend with my scrap fabric pile whipping up some speedy bunting in an hour Saturday afternoon really.  
The secret is using pinking shears to cut the edges you see (regular scissors for the top - where it attaches to the webbing tape).  Not only does it guard against fray but gives the whole thing extra vintage charm.
I used webbing and lined up the bunting piece, right side down and stitched 5mm, then flipped to the right side and stitched down
Some measurements/guidelines:
  • Webbing tape 25mm wide - about 5.2 meters 
  • Bunting triangles - 20cm wide x 25cm deep - 4 in each of 4 fabrics = 16 pieces
  • As you sew them allow a gap between each flag of 5cm.  I  have a ruler by the machine, I don't pin them on I organise them into a pile at my left hand in the correct order, right side down and sew continually, measuring 5cm when I get to then end of one flag, popping a pin in to mark the start point for the next flag and feeding said flag in when the needle gets to the pin!
  • At each end allow 20cm of tape.  Fold the tape back on itself and stitch to make a handy loop for easy of hanging

If you want a 'proper' tutorial you could try this one (the only variance is that it uses fold over bias binding - which is just a little bit tricker and more time consuming) or this one - for the full on two sided affair - which is great if you have the time and the notion that two sided is better.

Oh yes, the blogosphere is awash with bunting tutorials - paper, fabric, mini, square ones, doilies....over bunting?

I am not deterred - here are some of my favourite bunting inspired projects:
Scrappy scallop bunting at s.o.t.a.k. handmade

Bunting Lampshade Tutorial here

Bunting appliqué on stuff.  This gorgeous example is by Little Miss Shabby
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  1. I need to make some bunting to brighten up my gazebo for when I do markets. This looks like a nice easy way to make some. I might have to go and buy me some pinking shears.

    I like the mini bunting around the lampshade – very cute!


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