Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Long weekend craft-scapades

What a shame the weather hasn't been more obliging over the long weekend huh?  In the absence of proper summer weather, I was left wondering what to do with an active 3 year old?

Rather randomly, I picked up some bisque hearts with magnets already glued to the back at the local primary school fair.  I'm sure you could do something similar with air harding clay or that coloured stuff you stick in the oven to harden..Fimo?

Lala enjoyed painting them with Acrylics.  Once dry we coated them with PVA and pretty tissue paper, and more PVA.  I finished off by running a black calligraphy pen around the edge.

Ta-da - some pretty Valentine's magnets.  How was you're weekend?

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  1. Wow they turned out so well! What a great team effort! Jenny

  2. gorgeous!
    I used to love making things with fimo, can STILL remember that smell of it baking in the oven

  3. They look great....I may even still have fimo somewhere!!!

  4. Oh they are so cute - inspiring. I didn't spend too much time creating over the long weekend - too busy organising other things and catching up with friends/family. But that was good too ;)


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