Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Creative space - Hoopla

Its a bullet-ish kind of a day
  • Still working on getting the scrap mountain down.
  • Photographing (and hopefully loading) some stock I made aaages ago for the shop (borrowed my brother's DSLR so. much. fun.)
At Hagley Park earthquake memorial yesterday 185 monarchs were released to commemorate the lives lost.
Yes I was sobbing into my viewfinder people. 
  • Cutting dresses for Sailor Spy pop up shop in less than 5 weeks - squeeeeeeeeeee
  • Surfing the net to find more tutorials for scraps* and marvelling at some fellow swapper's projects
*which I am slowly but surely adding to the tab Scrap Bag Swap Tutorials' up the top there 

I sewed together a whole bunch of strips for a quilt block which I ended up not liking as much as I thought I would.  I much prefer it in a hoop.  Its a bit sad and lonely on the wall all by itself - it could use company.

Scrap - wall art

I like this idea particularly - with a cork backing its a bulletin board - genius!
embroidery hoop art. want this in my office!
Bulletin boards (there is cork in behind there!!) - tutorial here
image via Kelee81's photostream 
In fact if you are into the whole hoop idea go visit Amy Taylor Pinterest board
I'm not sure if you need to have a Pinterest account or not, but give is a whorl and let me know.

More sensible creative spaces here (sorry this post is all over the shop today)

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  1. Love that first photo -looking forward to seeing what is in the shop!


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