Thursday, February 2, 2012

My creative space: Just because

....I can't seem to watch TV without something to do with my hands.

Now my bulletin board is extra pretty

Have nothing in your house that

you do not know to be useful, or 

believe to be beautiful, 

William Morris

A couple of extras for the present cupboard
The 'fabric stickers' (a stoopid name cos they are made of paper) came from Aroha Vintage.
I asked Mr Google about tutorials for these and most suggest you use Modge Podge to seal them - I didn't have that, but improvised with a couple of coats of PVA, slightly watered.  That did the trick.

By the way - sign up for the Scrap Bag Swap 2012 closes tomorrow - see the button over there on the right or along the menu bar at the top.

From next week I've planned a bunch of tutorials around scraps - big projects and small for the whole month of February.  I'm really excited to have three fellow bloggers guesting in this space and sharing their expertise and creativity with you.  Even if you're not keen for the swap, feel free to check in here or check out the flickr group.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! The colours and patterns are gorgeous. I actually bought some pegs before Christmas to make some out of... I just never got to it. Maybe after Valentines Day! :) Thanks for the reminder.

  2. these are gorgeous! totally pinching this idea nd making some for my gift drawer! where did you get the pegs, i've had trouble finding some like that...

  3. I'm just like you - always need something to do with my hands in front of the tv :-). The pegs are just adorable - such pretty papers.

  4. Cute - makes watching TV seem like and OK activity!

  5. The clothespins are so lovely! I am looking for wooden pegs but in shops I always find plastic ones.

  6. Rather cool :) I too struggle with having nothing in my hands while watching tv!


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