Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Creative Space: Scr(h)appy Easter nest tutorial

This project combines three of my loves - fabric, crochet and using up every last scrap!  The eggs are real - just painted with food colouring - for Easter I'm planning to serve up boiled eggs for brekkie to temper all that chocolate!

If you have some experience of crochet - this could be whipped up in an afternoon, depending on how big you want to make your basket.  If you want to try with crochet this could be a good starting project, but you will need to search out a couple of online tutorials (you tube is good) for the stitches mentioned.  I've used European rather than US terms.

To start - take a bunch of stripes - these were cut from the edge of fat quarters. You want about 50 strips each 50cm long (or the equivalent from whatever lengths you have)

I used a quilters ruler and rotary cutter and cut each strip 1/2 inch wide (1.25 cm wide).  You can vary the width, but you will need to consider using a thicker gauge crochet hook when you get to the hookin' part.

Next take your stripes and knot them together at each end to form your 'yarn'.  I used a reef knot (all you former Girl Guides out there will remember right over left and left over right, no?) as its quite a flat knot.  You could sew the ends together - but considering the width of the 'yarn' I decided that would be far to fiddly and time consuming.  The end result I'm going for is scrapy and freeform and textural, so I'm cool with a few ends showing on the inside of the nest - but as you wish.

Now you have some yarn its time to crochet!

sc = Single crochet

You need a 6mm hook
Create a slip knot and chain 4, join with a slip stich to form a ring.  This is your foundation.

Round 1               sc 6 around the ring.  Attach a safety pin to the last sc to mark the beginning of the round.
Round 2               work 2 sc into each sc in the round – you should have 12 sc
Round 3               sc in the first sc, 2 sc in the second sc; repeat this sequence until the end of the round –  you should have 18 sc.
Round 4               sc in the following 2 sc, then make 2 sc in the third sc; repeat this sequence until the end of the round –  you should have 24 sc.
Round 5               sc in the following 3 sc, then make 2 sc in the fourth sc; repeat this sequence until the end of the round –  you should have 30 sc.
Round 6               sc in the following 4 sc, then make 2 sc in the fifth sc; repeat this sequence until the end of the round –  you should have 36 sc.
Round 7               sc into each sc
Round 8               sc first two sc, skip third sc, *sc into the next four sc, skip one sc - repeat from * until the end of the round.
Rounds 9-12      Work four round of sc

At round 8, you can see the sides starting to take shape
To finish – work a slip stitch under each sc.  Tie off and weave ends.  Your slip stitches should put in the edge of the nest slightly.  I used a smaller hook to pull all the loose ends to the inside of the basket, you could sew them down if you want a completely smooth finished look.

The little bird is a great free pattern from Spool.  The instructions are to handsew, but I whipped several up on the machine and just handsewed them shut once stuffed.  Also I beaded a couple of eyes and I'm thinking about doing a couple of little wings - but as they are, so quick and such a good use of scraps and they might even help keep my freshy boiled eggs warm!

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  1. What a great way to use fabric scraps!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Oh this is so gorgeous - clever you. And the images are just yummy too.

  3. So sweet! Pity I can't crochet.

  4. this is so awesome I love it !
    My nana made floor rugs like this

  5. love it, great way to use scraps.


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