Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Strippy Quilt - part three

Here is the last part of a series of tutorials on doing Roz's strippy quilt.  You can access parts 1 and 2 from the Scrap Bag Swap Tutorial button up there on the right.

Following on from last weeks tutorial you will now have five strippy rows that have been serpentine stitched (or zig-zagged) together.  (The colour scheme is different from last weeks tutorial - please don't let that put you off)

The next step is to add the frill - this happens before the joins are covered. 

You will need 1.4 m fabric (115cm wide) for the frill

Cut nine 6 inch wide strips across the width of the fabric

Join these strips into one long circular piece 

Iron it in half lengthwise (yes it is a very long piece!)

Divide this frill into eight equal length sections (you can place safety pins as the markers)

Divide the perimeter of your quilt top into eight equal length sections too and follow the below instructions to add each section of the frill to the quilt top

Select the longest stitch length your machine does and stitch two parallel lines through both layers of fabric along the raw edge of the frill (red thread in photos)

Pick up the two top threads at one end of the row of stitching and gently pull to gather the fabric.  Secure the other ends (so that the gathering doesn't just pull off) and distribute the gathering evenly 

Pin the gathered frill raw edges to right side of edges of quilt top

Dressmaking pins placed perpendicular to the edges can be stitched over by the machine needle.  Only very occasionally does this lead to a broken needle

Machine stitch (length 2 -2.5) between the two rows of gathering stitches (blue thread in photo)

Remove the outer row of gathering stitching 

Repeat the above for the next seven sections of your quilt

Round the corners of your quilt when adding the frill 

Now the backing is added 

Pin a 95cm by 120 cm piece of backing right side to right side of quilt top (with the frill sandwiched between) and stitch along the same line as the frill stitching (blue thread)

Leave an opening of about 7 inches along one side of the quilt through which to pull the quilt top and frill to the outside (the raw edges of the frill are now neatly enclosed).  Hand stitch this opening closed.

Top stitch close to the edge of the quilt all the way around to ensure that the frill sits neatly

Covering the joins

You will need four 120cm lengths of wide ric-rac (or lace) for the joins

Pin ric-rac over the Quilt as U Row joins through all layers and machine stitch in place using the walking foot (this stitching holds the backing to the quilt top and strengthens the fragile serpentined joins)

Voila - your quilt is complete!

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