Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Strippy Quilt - part two

Do you remember seeing this quilt on my blog last week?  Today Roz shares in part two how to make the top:

This is my No Fuss Quilt as you Row Technique, mentioned in last weeks Red Strippy Quilt Post, which enables machine quilting of smaller, more manageable pieces, before they are finally joined together to complete a quilt of any size.  As a bonus left over pieces of batting and scraps of fabric, lace and ric-rac can be used.

The below instructions are to make a quilt like my Red Strippy one of size 90cm by 115cm, however feel free to adjust any of the measurements to your liking.


Rotary cut strips of scraps anything from 1½ to 3 inches wide 

Rotary Cut five strips each of batting and calico 8 inches wide by 45 inches long

Use the underside of your cutting board for cutting batting to prevent fluff build up 

Layer batting onto calico to create a foundation row and place first fabric strip to the top of foundation 

Stitch  second fabric strip along one edge of first strip through all layers (stitch length 3 and using a walking foot)

Fold strip out and press seam open (either with iron or the edge of your thumb nail)

Continue adding strips to foundation rows until they are covered – do not worry if edges become untidy

Trim the 'unruly edges' of the five foundation rows with a rotary cutter

Machine stitch trimmed foundation rows together using a wide serpentine (or zig-zag) stitch and a walking foot.

The edges do not overlap they simply sit alongside each other. I find I can easily hold them together as I feed them through the walking foot (pinning does not work).

Strips of iron on interfacing ironed along the join to the wrong side of the foundation strips will hold the raw edges together if you prefer to add this step before serpentine stitching.

Next week I will explain how to add the frill and cover the joins to complete your quilt!
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