Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrap Bag Project: On Hexagons

Have you noticed that hexagons are enjoying a little resurgence of popularity amounts the modern quilt set?

I remember my grandmother did a 'grandmothers garden' quilt when I was young.  She had me trained to fold and press and baste little hexagons....millions of them.

While I find grandmother's garden a little fussy (and if I'm honest, too much of a slow burn project) for my taste, hexagons do have lots of possibilities and they can use up the tiniest scraps.

I'm rather liking the randomness of this 12'' block I finished recently.  Its all hand pieced and hand stitched to the background - read 'time consuming', but no less lovely for all the work

On my flickr travels, I found this little project - another application for teeny-tiny hexies.  So modern.  So sweet.
A workshop/craft-a-long at Craftsy
At the other end of the size scale - this free tutorial in three parts looks really well written and I just love that the stitching looks like a Zen garden.
I just love that this looks like a Japanese Garden.  Renna Lily has a series of tutorial starting here
I had plans to post a tutorial on a hexagon ball.  I made 10 of these before my daughter was born and they really chewed through the scraps.  I think I had visions of a ball pit or something, but sanity prevailed and I donated 9 to Dad's church?  Anyho I haven't quite got to it today, but tell me if that's something you would like to see.

Also in my travels around the internet I found this handy hexagon graph paper generator - you just input the dimensions you want and it creates a .pdf file for you to print on light card - easy!

Hexagon pincushion - free tutorial from A Lost Seamstress here tomorrow
Pop back tomorrow if you like - I have a guest tutorial from Hannah of A Lost Seamstress on her hexagon pin cushion.  She made one for me last year for a secret santa gift and its still my current favourite (I have a thing for pincushions, ok?)

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  1. Loving all the hexagon projects that are popping up at the moment... Might just have to work up the nerve to give some a try :-)

  2. I'm in love with hexagons - time consuming but the result is so rewarding :) Lovely projects.

  3. Hexagons are really fun. I just love the process. so rewarding seeing them all come together!

  4. I HEART hexies xxxx
    I made a Grandmothers Garden as a 6th former for my home science project - I got top in the class ::)) that made me happy


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