Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flea Market Finds

You know you're really tired accidentally post a draft which doesn't make any sense and doesn't have half the pictures you intended.

Its been a wee while since I shared any finds.  But I had a great time at the op shop last week - I found:
No immediate plans for these - but I particularly loved the colours and patterns of the three on the right

Mustard dolly blankie.  Lala had requested a dolly blanket just the other day and I was thinking I would crochet one, but then this presented itself....I love the colour too.

And...coming to a Wardrobe Wednesday* soon:
  • A merino cardi, 
  • black designer skirt and 
  • a top which is a little sound of music at the moment - yodel-aaaaaa-eeee-hoooo at the moment.  Is awaiting a do-over :)

Happy day to you.

*a weekly linky party I host on y fashion blog - join in, there are prizes!!
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  1. My mum has the purple and blue sheets still in circulation! Wouldn't they make a divine summer dress! x

  2. ohhhhhh LOVE the sheets !! !! !! THAT is a good find

  3. Lovely finds! I've been trying to be frugal with my money as the car registration is coming up so I've deliberately been shopping later in the day so the op shops are closed and I'm not tempted. Yeah, I have no willpower with this and there's always some piece of fabric or fabric item I've missed and now you have me wondering what "bargains" I've missed.
    Robyn the Compulsive Op-Shopper

  4. Haha, that fabric 2nd from the right - I had a pillowcase exactly the same as a kid. I bet my father still has it in his linen cupboard!!

  5. I just bought the same sheet from an oppy, 2nd from left, it is becoming a quilt with some other florals :)

  6. the fabrics are gorgeous, you can never go wrong with retro floral cotton sheets, can you?, and for that superb mustard crochet blanket, just divine, i'd love one like this on my own bed, just a bit bigger!! lovely finds.


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