Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Tutorial: Bunting Style Coat hanger Cover

I've had a really busy week working on my label and next week will be even more frantic.  Photoshoot on Tuesday, decorations and shop displays to create and a pop up shop on Sunday 25th!  With two tutorials and a giveaway post still in draft form, I'm feeling a little guilty I've not been able to follow through as yet.  I will do, but maybe not until after the dust has settled.  

Today Roz of Squiltz has come to my rescue and written up a tutorial for these coat hanger covers.  I saw these a few weeks ago when we were tossing around the idea of tutorials for the Scrap Bag Swap. 

She has posted another design on her blog, but these are my very favourite - the little triangles are so sweet.  Thanks so much Roz for being my guest today.  If you check out her blog you'll find a humorous read, loads of tutorials, patterns and swoon worthy projects! 


To begin with pad the wood using left over bits of quilting batting or old woolen blankets.

Cut six 6 inch squares of fabric 

Iron each of the four corners to the centre

Fold in half to make the triangle 

Tuck an end under the triangle pieces alongside the metal hook; pin in place

Tuck an end under triangle pieces for the ends of the coat hanger; pin in place

Place centre triangle over the two end pieces and stitch all triangles together

Disguise metal hook with plastic tubing or ribbon and add a bow (or such) to neaten the middle join

If you pop over to my blog,  Squiltz you'll find more tutorials, patterns and projects.  

Happy creating 

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