Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Creative Space

Making binding for dresses;
Listening to Neon Trees;
Thinking about how to finish my envelope bag.  I really want to recreate an 'Airmail' sticker on the front - but my printer is broken, so printing on transfer paper is out.  Freezer paper stencilling is too fiddly on this scale and embroidery is going to take me ages, but once I have resolved that I'll be ready to share with you;
Dreaming of more tutorials for scraps...just look at that super organised scrap basket
Getting fabulous new fabric in the post (thanks Kirsty)

Wondering what to have for lunch.  It has come to my attention (through weekly Wardrobe Wednesdays) that I am the living expression of the old adage "You are what you eat". Mrs Potatohead.  Right, time to take action.  But what do you eat when you decide not to eat bread/potatoes/pasta?

Other Random thoughts:

  • I've just done 200 posts - perhaps it would be appropriate to offer a thank you gift you you lovely people who drop by and give me encouragement. But just what?  Do you like the idea of a giveaway - and if so supplies or made things.  Or do you like the idea of an e-pattern for everybody?
  • I've done a heck of a lot of posting in February, well more than is usual for me this month.  I'm kind of exhausted, but I'm really wanting to finish a few more tutorials - its like the scrap bag swap had opened a floodgate for me in terms of tutorial ideas, but if I rush to get them all out in a certain time-frame they might be rubbish tutorials, so I think I will keep drip feeding those through March too.

Oh well, off to boil and egg and have a cuppa tea.  Why don't you visit Our Creative Spaces - 'tis most inspiring.

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  1. Mrs. Potatohead. Totally sums me up at times. and then I have the same question. What to eat? How about this?
    I have a few others that would fit in the category too... let me know if you want me to look them up for you.
    Looking forward to the tutorials. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    S xo
    P.S. I LOVE giveaways... I'll likely have one coming up soon myself. Any of the things you suggested would sit happily at my place. :)

  2. Is that Belle and Boo fabric I spy? Lovely! And yes e pattern sounds great :)

  3. I enjoy reading your blog, always interesting. I'm reaching a point of needing to do a giveaway as well, I usually go for supplies for some reason. My next one will be some handspun yarn; just got to finish what's currently on the bobbins first.

  4. Wow - that fabric is divine and quite the achievement at 200 posts! Loving your tutorials too! :)

  5. Love Love Love the Making Listening Thinking Dreaming xxx
    And have LOVED the posts during February

  6. Oooh yummy fabric!
    Your scrap basket puts my jumble of fabrics to shame (hangs head in shame!)
    Email your airmail sticker to me and I'll print it off and send it back to you :-)

  7. I love your blog Nin, congratulations on 200 posts!!!! That Belle & Boo fabric has been on my want list for ages and I think a pattern for everyone would be lovely. Have a great weekend x x
    PS: Can't wait to see that airmail bag finished!


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