Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Creative Space: Modern Quilt Bee inspirations

How do you come up with inspiration for a quilt?  I ask because I've joined up for round two of Cat's Modern Sampler Bee.

I went with mustard because I love it - see

but also its in fashion right now.  I've seen around in modern quilt fabric collections for a few seasons - so I thought this would be easy.

Well I was wrong sorry everybody.

I feel committed to the scheme now, so I didn't want to change horses for this round - here are some of the blocks.  I love that a little dash of pink saves this from being too blah.
from top, left to right: Juliet, Leonie, Cat, Lisa, Me, Me, Me, Juliet

Don't you love my commitment?  Wearing burnt orange tights to stand in for the bottom block, which is on the way.  

Despite my husband mentioning that he absolutely loathes my blocks this will be draped over the sofa when its finished.  He might just change his mind once I've finished (he usually does).

Oh - have you entered my giveaway yet?  It closes later today, so best get on to it!

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  1. I would LOVE to meet a husband who says he loathes his wifes work - what courage!! ;)

    Your blocks are really great- I know nothing about quilting but i'm loving what I am seeing! Especially that hexi one. Its super cute :)

  2. I REALLY love these all together
    At first I was like "mustard" isn't that a food group? LOL But after making my block AND seeing the blocks everyone else had made I was YES YES YES what a cool colour scheme -
    I did a wee tee hee hee at the tights in the middle :) that is kinda cool btw

  3. Love the tights - great photo :)Love how it's shaping up too - I've no doubt you'll husband will like it when it's done!

  4. ooh you guys are absolutely wrong and funny....i LOVE the quilt and color scheme!!!
    The hexies are my favorite!

  5. oh i think they all look fab together i actually love looking for fabric for your block i did come across some shocking mustard colours but thanks to Amy Butler she has a gorgeous range. love your tights hehe!

  6. This is so beautiful. You are very artistic. And the colour scheme is gorgeous.


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