Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Making 36 tiny satin covered buttons to finish the last 9 velvet Madrone tops.

Listening to Pluto - Dance Stamina (dancy music makes me sew faster)

Sorry - giveaway now closed

Springing on you....

a little Thank You dear readers.  It has meant so much to be able to share the crafty side of me with people who 'get it' and I an frequently in awe of the talent and generosity around the blog world.  I don't know where I would be without this outlet.  I certainly wouldn't have grown in terms of ability, artistic interpretation, skill and mostly confidence if it weren't for you.

To mark 200 posts (more or less) I would like to give one of my regular readers a bag of goodies - all made by me.  The gift consists of a Charlie Bag (free pattern on the link) made from vintage 1950's dogwood rose floral and lined in cobalt blue drill.  It has a cell phone pocket and magnetic snap closure.  I love this fabric - my market apron is made from this fabric.

Inside there will be 
A short length of scallop bunting, perfect for defining a workspace.  I made two and my one is brightening up the smallest room in the house.
Also - some projects I've done a few of recently.  A Mister Blue Bird; a set of four pegs and a length of bakers twine - this is a sweet way to display kids art or little notes and inspirations; a sweet little rainy day canvas...
A kitset to make your own Matryoshka in teal; two sets of hand covered buttons....
and last but not least a pot holder/trivet featuring 'dysfunctional family' by Michael Miller.  

So are you keen?  All you need to do is be a follower of this blog and leave me a comment letting me know how you follow this blog.  

Do you use a reader like blog lovin, or do you go to the dashboard of your blog account, or RSS feed or do you have the page saved in your favourites?  Don't forget to leave my your email address if its not linked to your comment/profile thingy.

I'll leave this open until next Thursday and do a draw using  Happy to post to any regular reader where ever you are in the world.

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  1. Oh my, what a prize!!!!
    I follow you through my Blogger dashboard thingie-ma-jig.
    - Em x

  2. Oh my Nin, what a generous prize!
    I follow you in Google reader- in my 'favourites' folder so that I don't accidentally miss a post.

  3. Oh my what a prize! I follow through the blogger favourites feature and also through google reader!

  4. My. Goodness!!! Count me IN!

    You're in my blogger dashboard - the only way I follow blogs :)

  5. OH MAN! This might just be the most exciting giveaway I've ever seen :)
    I follow you through my google reader.

  6. What a gorgeous giveaway! Congrats on 200 posts! I am a blogger and facebook follower.

  7. Hi Nin, you are super generous! I follow you via RSS feed (on my work email- yes boss, I'm SUPER busy today, look at all these emails :) ) abaucke at yahoo dot co dot nz

  8. Hey there...i have only just started following, so dont include me in the draw. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Joined the 3X6 swap Bee

    1. Hey Debra. I can wait to get started on my next round of blocks next week :)

  9. I'm a follower and have been for a while through Google Reader

  10. Congratulations on the 200!
    Wow - what a prize!
    I follow you through Google Reader ...

    footmj at xtra dot co dot nz

  11. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! I was drooling at everything!! This would make my day to win, esp since my scrap swap partner did not follow through:0( lots of sad faces....who does that? This would be such a treat to get in the mail! Hoping I win! I LOVE it all- you are so talented!
    I follow you by checking in almost daily because you are in my favorites!

    love, allie

    Thank you!

  12. What a stash! I follow you in my dashboard :)

  13. What a generous prize! And oh my goodness, I have never seen that Michael Miller 'dysfunctional family' fabric before, and it is hilarious and so kitsch - I love it! I follow you through google reader :-) And woo hoo! on 200 posts!

  14. That's an AWESOME giveaway! It just kept getting bigger and bigger (how can you fit all that stuff in the bag!) Fingers crossed (I've had some good luck recently... hopefully it hasn't run out yet!) ... And I follow you through google friend connect

  15. Wow! Firstly - I must say that is one darn fantastic pincushion! like seriously good. The person who made that must be awesome! :P hahahaha! Anywho, could you be any more generous with this giveaway? Seriously good! I like to use bloglovin, so i can organize the blogs into groups and like blog posts so I can easily find them again.

  16. Wow Nin, congrats on reaching 200 posts - you are an inspiration, I don't know where you find the time! Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read and it's saved in my bookmarks bar to remind me to check it all the time :) Here's to the next 200 posts! Paula x

  17. What a very generous giveaway Nin! I follow you in google reader and also on facebook : )

  18. HI
    I found you through another site I follow, I love watching what you are creating.
    Not sure how to comment without usinganonymous button, sorry.

  19. thanks for this chance. I'm another google reader user.

  20. I think I have been following your blog for about a year after I saw your name in the 2011 Handmade book. It seemed a bit familiar so I googled it (as you do) and the recognition of your name turned out to be because I went to school with your lovely husband. Your blog has inspired me to finally make something other then curtain linings with my sewing machine. I have made some dresses for my girls, your easy bunting and your girls skirt pattern helped me sort our my rikrak problem on a little red riding hood cloak. I have you saved on my bookmarks along with a few other blogs I dip into regularly. HAve a great day with your pop up shop on Sunday. Ash
    ps Te Papa is the most child friendly and indestructible place in Welly. adstephen at

  21. Hi Nin. Congratulations on fabulous milestone!! It takes dedication to get to this point, along with everything else you must do. You have been inspiring me for a wee while now. I have you saved on my bookmarks bar in a special folder I check most days. Keep up the good work....Julie

  22. Oh wow, nice beautiful thins have you done...
    It would be nice to win these little things.

    Greetings from Dortmund, Germany,


  23. Wahoo wahoo for you! What an amazing giveaway! I follow you and sailor spy via Blogger in Draft reading list, and facebook. Hope the week and weekend has gone well and been a success! L x

  24. Hi Nin. Your blog is one of my favourite bookmarks in my rather large bookmark list!
    I check your blog most days and your posts never cease to amaze and inspire me with all that you achieve each day.

  25. Hi Nin,
    Your blog is one of my favourite bookmarks on my rather large bookmark list. I check your blog most days and you never cease to amaze and inspire me with all you achieve.
    Also, I'm loving seeing some "familiar" scraps appearing in your recent projects!!

  26. Hey! I follow through google reader, but I do click through to your posts quite often too :)

  27. I use google reader and also a link on my blog :D

  28. Hi Nin, I follow you on my dashboard, but it's usually a case that I catch up reading about 6 posts when I get some time for blog reading, unless I get a helpful blog reminder ;)
    After reading the other comments I think I need to organise my blogs better so I'll be testing out other tools too! I like to go back to favourite posts too.

  29. Awesome prize!! I love all your creative makings - and often wonder how you MANAGE it all!! I follow you because I have you in my favs but I'll check I'm linked into google follow as well??


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