Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Place and Yours - The Laundry

Why am I showing you pictures of my laundry?  Deb over at Works in Progress is running a series of show and tell link ups for various rooms in your house (....and hers - hence the title).

The laundry at ours is a funny old dark 'on the way to [toilet, bathroom, kitchen, garage, outside]' dog leg shaped place, but its saving grace in my books is the bright yellow cupboards of which there are many.  I know its not to everyone's taste, but I think its perfect for what can be rather a banal space.

I'm storing all our CDs, little pictures and buttons and notions which came out of the workroom here because we are sick of picking them up off the floor every time there is a decent quake.

The coat rack stores a bag of yarn odds and ends which are slowly being turned into crochet granny squares.  A door to the bathroom is just to the left.  The only time I can find these days to crochet grannys is while Isla is having a bath, so this project lives within easy reach.

The wallpaper is a highlight too.  My Uncle laughed at our house warming because he papered his first house with the same stuff.  Hence we know its called Regatta circa mid 1980's.  Cool eh?

I'm a bit blown away at how flash other people's laundry's are.  For example I don't have a special container for my laundry powder and the instructions for the Sard Wonder Soap are pinned to the wall.  I guess you could call is utilitarian chic?  I am inspired up up my game, thanks Deb!

The really flash laundrys are here

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  1. I dream of a flash laundry, if I were to take a pic of mine, you would think yours was 'ultra flash'! I could also design an entire blog just on 'works in progress' around the house, the joys of living with a builder;) xx
    P.S, I remember that wall paper too hehe

  2. I like your yellow doors too... looking at them would almost make me feel happy enough about doing laundry!

  3. I love the yellow doors and envious of the cupboard space behind them.

  4. My laundry is a wall of the garage, so yours is flasher than mine!

  5. LOVING seeing all these laundries !! !! !!
    Your yellow doors made me smile - (and I don't even like yellow)

  6. But don't we all dream of that vintage themed/cottage inspired/insanely clean and organised laundry?!?!?!?! :) Loving those yellow doors.


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