Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter to you

Sunday was sunshine and fishing....well, I just puddled about with my camera and my sketchbook.
I love the textures here 

Toi Toi

Oh - a little trick I picked up recently.  If you want to shot directly into the sun (normally not advisable, particularly with a little snap camera like mine) put your free hand up above the shutter (just out of shot) in the same way as you would shade your eyes to filter out some of the light.  You get all that lovely sparkly water without the shot been blown out.
 Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula
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  1. Just want to reach out and touch those planks of wood and run my fingers through the Toi Toi! Beautiful shots - and how serene your family looks fishing :)

  2. Ooh just realised that is the jetty I thought it was at Pigeon Bay. My husbands Aunty and Uncle live there and I love the walk down to there!

  3. Gorgeous shots Nin - absolutely stunning. Happy Easter x


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